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You’ve just found North Carolina’s best wedding DJs.

At Dow Oak Events, we…

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🏆 Offer Better Value 💰

We’re young and excited, yet professional.  We offer unmatched customer experience. We’re also the most affordable wedding DJs around.

How is this even possible?


We’ve developed our own wedding planning software.  It allows us to lower our own costs while improving customer experience at the same time.  For our clients, it’s a game changer. Check our online reviews to see for yourself.

We know how stressful event planning can be.

With Dow Oak, you’re provided an account that facilitates the entire planning process.  It eliminates the need for constant emails, meetings, and scheduled phone calls. Of everything you need to plan for your ideal wedding, our goal is to make sure that booking the DJ is the easiest.

Choose Dow Oak Events for less headache and more celebration.

We also provide several other event services for added convenience.

These include:

Just like our DJ services, we specialize in the best experience at the lowest price.

At Dow Oak Events, we like to shake up the status quo.  When we find things in our industry we don’t like, we work to change them.  Young, hungry, and growing rapidly—we know our way is better.

Our near-5-star rating across 300+ online reviews prove it.   We’re proud of the reputation we’re building. And we’re only getting started!

Call (336) 213-7528 now to become our next testimonial.

Not only are we the best DJs in Greensboro, we serve all of NC and beyond.

We’ve got happy clients across the state:

And we’re always on the lookout for more!

Will yours be the next wedding we transform into a celebration?

The truth is:

We’re lucky to do what we do.

We get to help make your day special.  It’s a pleasure to behold. It’s a pleasure to be a part of.  It’s a pleasure to get paid to do. Bringing a smile to your face brings a smile to ours.  We can’t help it!


So it only makes sense that we’d try to be the best at it.

If you’re looking for an affordable wedding DJ, we’d be honored if you’d consider us.

Dow Oak is a full service events company.  While we can’t help you plan your wedding, we can provide many of the bells and whistles you might need.  From affordable DJing to event lighting, photo booths, and more.

At Dow Oak Events, we bring you priceless celebrations without the pricetag.

Our specialty is FUN!

We’ve DJed for 100s of successful wedding and other events.

We know exactly how to set, build, and sculpt the mood.

Sure, we specialize in weddings.  But we come from the PARTY! We know how to celebrate.  And we know how to help you do it too.


We feed the vibe and eliminate the headache.


100s of 5-star reviews.

Makes sense.

You will be hard pressed to find another event company—or any business—with a reputation like ours.

And yes, we’re bragging because we want your business.

But we’re also bragging because we want you to have a better wedding (as so many of our clients do).

No Greensboro DJ—or even North Carolina DJ—can bring the value that we do.  As they try to catch up, we keep pushing forward, finding new ways to better serve you.

Whether you’re looking for the best experience or the best deal, the choice is clear.

Choose us for an affordable wedding DJ or our other event services.  You won’t be disappointed. Visit or call (336) 213-7528 now to get started.  You can also take a look at our reviews on Facebook, Wedding Wire, and The Knot to see if you’d like to experience similar service.

We’ll be looking forward to the opportunity to serve as your Wedding DJs.

What They're Saying...

    • I could not have been more pleased with our experience with Erik @ Dow Oak Events. He made the whole music process FUN during a time when stress-levels are at an all time high. Their website portal makes logging your selections super easy and you can write down exactly what you're looking for in the vibe for your wedding. Then, I met with Erik before the big day and we went over every line, making me feel confident it was going to go great. Erik is a great guy and an excellent DJ. He read the room perfectly and I still have people telling me how they can't believe they danced for 2.5 hours straight! My biggest fear was nobody dancing and boy did he calm that fear! I would recommend ANYONE in the NC area to book with Dow Oak!

    • Would recommend Dow Oak to EVERYONE getting married! They were a breeze to work with and my guests are still raving about Graham!

    • We hired Dow Oak Events based on all the wonderful reviews they have online. Those reviews were absolutely correct! The planning process was super easy and helped me feel confident that our wedding would feel like us. With DJ's you never really know what to expect but Mason did a wonderful job of listening to what we like and making sure that our day represented us. He was very professional and fun and did a great job of keeping the party going.

    • DJ Graham was the best! He listened to our wants and perfectly created the theme and feel for the evening. There wasn’t a dead second on the dance floor, and he kept the night going. Our only disappointment is that we didn’t keep the party going longer! Wouldn’t recommend anyone else!

    • To say that Ryan did a great job is an understatement. Ryan literally saved our wedding day! We hired a violinist to cover the ceremony and cocktail hour. Well 5 minutes before we are about to head out we got the worst news anybody could get on there wedding day. The violinist never showed up and when we call her she says "OMG its Saturday?". Just as the panic started to set in Ryan shows up early! We told him our situation and he takes down our songs for the ceremony and says "give me 15 minutes". 15 minutes later we head out and it was the perfect ceremony! He did a great playlist for cocktail hour as well. We were all so impressed by how smoothly everything went given the amount of pressure and that Ryan had no time to prepare for this. The reception was amazing and Ryan played the perfect song at the perfect times. There is no way we could thank Dow Oak Events more for what they did. They saved our wedding day from being a catastrophic mess!

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